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Unit 78 : Digital Graphics Computer Game Graphics P1 - Understand Theory Applications of Digital Graphics

Unit 78 : Digital Graphics
Computer Game Graphics
P1 - Understand Theory Applications of Digital Graphics

Image result for game spritesPixel Art

Pixel art uses raster graphics software, this is where the image is edited at a pixel level. This art style was often used in older games because the technology struggled to run anything else. Pixel art is often used to create 2D sprites, a sprite is a bitmap graphic that is designed to be part of a larger image, sprites can be either a static image or an animated graphic. Sprites can be characters, objects or even icons that are part of the UI. Sprites aren't as common in modern video games but they are still used for other purposes, like to add buttons or symbols to software programs.

Concept Art
Figure 1
The concept art is often used as a starting point for a game, whilst doing this you can plan different ideas for characters, areas and objects.
For example Figure 1 is concept art from the fantasy game World of Warcraft, it tells us that a new army is involved in the newest expansion. You can immediately tell that the characters depicted in the art evil due to the colour palette chosen, you can see the darkness of the image and particularly in the Warcraft universe the colour green is associated with the evil fell energy that corrupted the orcs. The purpose of concept art isn't only to plan out ideas but to make us feel what the designers are trying to convey.

Image result for texture art in games
Figrue 2

Texture Art & Background GraphicsTexture art is the way we convey how a surface would feel in a game. It takes both an element from 2D and 3D designed, this along with other element of game design can serve to fully immerse you in the game that you are playing. You can see the use of 3D art in the 2D image in Figure 2.
A lot of texture art is used for the background graphics in games and occasionally the art isn't drawn but pictures are taken and implemented into the game. The background is what the sprite is placed into, originally just a bitmap image background graphics now include various graphical overlays. Both the way the surface quality appears and how well the background images fit the styles play a major role in immersing the player in the game. See video at end of page.

 Print Media

Image result for print media in games

This is responsible for attracting the players to the game. It includes box art, bill boards and posters. The box art has to relate to the game, it must be eye catching however the box art is never in game footage, it is usually some concept art. This is to make the game look better when compered to the others and make people want to buy it. If a game hasn't been developed particularly well then focus can be placed on the print media to hype the game and sell copies.  

Raster Image

When enlarged, individual pixels appear as little squares. In computer graphics, a raster graphics image is a dot, representing a generally rectangular grid of pixels, or points of colour, viewable via a monitor or paper. Raster images are stored in image files with varying formats.

Vector Image

Vector graphics are the use of polygons to represent images on computer graphics. Vector graphics are based on vectors, which lead through locations called control points or nodes. For example ( i , j )

A pixel isn't a little square it is one point something to do with I and J vectors

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