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Level 3 Games Design Unit 78: Digital Graphics for Computer Games Artistic Styles

Level 3 Games Design
Unit 78: Digital Graphics for Computer Games
Artistic Styles

Borderlands - Cel Shaded

Image result for borderlands 2 characters
The characters of Borderlands 2 (11 . 09 . 2012)

In each of the Borderlands games the developers 2K have used a cell shaded style. This unreal style matches the comedic writing and characters in the game. It has been toned up since the release of the original Borderlands which also matches the new UI that they introduced. Borderlands is quite a fast paced FPS RPG and the cel shaded graphics help it to run faster.

Tell Tale Games - Cel Shaded
Tell Tale Games often favour the cel shaded look for they're games i'm not too sure why, however it does match the unique style of game play in which you have to choose between various dialogue options to determine what happens further on in the story. The inspiration for several of their games is from several comic books like the Walking Dead or Batman, which may be why they choose this artistic design.

Far Cry - Photo Realistic

Image result for farcry 4 elephant

Image result for farcry 4 drug trip
Drug fuelled flamethrower mission  

The characters and surrounding world in the Far Cry series are photo realistic, this is due to it being set on a real island and the occasionally gritty story line. Far Cry 4 is set in India so the animals exotic animals that you can encounter are realistic to match the back ground of the game. However there are several times where the main protagonist goes on several drug induced trips in which the artistic style becomes very abstract.

Tetris - Abstract

The abstract style often includes a lot of lines and geometric shapes, for example Tetris is comprised entirely of different geometrical shapes and is a very arcadey game which is often where the abstract style is found.

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