Friday, 16 September 2016

My Gaming Machine - Then and Now

My  Gaming Machine - Then and Now

Image result for playstation 2 release datePlayStation 2My first gaming system was the PlayStation 2 which was released on March 4th 2000, at this time I would have been around 7 months old and so inherited my older brother's PlayStation at the age of 4. The game format for the PlayStation was optical disk and the console had wired controllers, which consisted of 2 thumb sticks, a D-Pad, 4 buttons, and triggers. You were able to store data on both a hard drive and memory stick which had 4 MB of memory. The entire system had 32 MB of RAM which is nothing compared to the consoles these days. The PS2 allowed for multiplayer however only 2 players at a time due to there being only 2 controller ports. Something that the PS2 has that the PC actually doesn't have is a duel shock system in which the controller vibrates whenever a certain action is preformed in game. Although PS2 does have backwards compatibility it would require a internet connection in order for the system to be able to stream from the Sony base. 

PC - GladiatorMy PC the Gladiator Intel may be a slightly older model however it still vastly out preforms the PlayStation 2 on all levels. It has a 1 TB hard drive and 8 GB of RAM. Both consoles have a CD drive for disk input however PCs rarely use this any more due to online stores like Steam or Origin, on which you can quickly purchase anything. It even gives you featured and recommended games. Due to advances in wireless technology i can now play with people from all over the world online. Almost every game that comes out these days comes with an online mode. I play MOBAs a lot and on each game is split in to regions:Europe;Americas; or Asia, this allows people to play with people you have never met before from around the world. A valuable feature of a PC is the fact that you can freely upgrade it as and when you want to whereas with a console you would have to go and buy the newest version and even then there are still limits. There has also been an introduction in VR technology recently, mostly with headset. All of these are compatible with PC.
Image result for ps2 gameplay gta 5 on pc
GTA 5 on PC
Image result for ps2 gameplay gta
GTA : San Andres on PS2 

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