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world of warcraft
World of Warcraft has been described by experts as the crack cocaine
of the gaming world.
With the addictive way games are being developed these days occasional play can soon become excessive, one of the most controversial games in this regards is World of Warcraft, whether it be soloing quests to level you're character or joining online raids of dungeons there is something for several type of gamers. It has caused several addictions in ages ranging from 15 - 40, some people even playing until they drop. Sven Rollenhagen, the author for a youth care foundation said 'There is not a single case of game addiction that we have worked with in which World of Warcraft has not played a part.' Personally I have sunk several hours into World of Warcraft's free demo up to level forty however the barrier that has stopped my from upping my playtime even higher is the price, I cant justify paying £10 a month for a game (even though I've sunk my fair share of cash into Heroes of the Storm).  People may not think that being alone isn't affecting them because they are on Teamspeak or Skype with friends, however when it comes to face to face interactions these people are severely under prepared.

Even though a gaming addiction can be a real problem there can be benefits of playing these games often. For example video games can actually improve a persons reaction time or preform as an alternative for TV or substance abuse. Gaming is also known to enhance creativity, this isn't just the modern video games but also board games or dungeons and dragons that can teach a lot of the essentials of storytelling and give a chance for social activity. So overall excessive play time on video game can cause major issues however there are also benefits to gaming, so as always everything in moderation.

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