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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Movie

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -Movie

Plot: The foot clan are trying to steal chemicals and are being occasionally stopped by an unknown vigilantly, this turns out to be the turtles. Sagg had a plan to infect New York City so he could save it and become rich. However to create the antidote to the toxin he needs the turtles blood. He uses April to track them and kidnap them so he can drain their blood.

 Beginning: A reporter (April O’Neil) investigating stolen genetic chemicals. At this point the atmosphere is light and comedic. The foot clan is attempting to steal more chemicals and she decides to investigate, there is a dark change in atmosphere at this point. The docks storage containers make for good ambush and increases the viewer’s tension. The Shredder kept in silhouette to keep us in suspense and the atmosphere dark. We find out backstory about foot clan at a benefit though a sob story. The movie changes in pace when hundreds of people start running towards camera as they’re being chased. The reporter runs in to investigate an underground train station however she gets taken hostage. The lights go out so the turtles cannot be seen as they kick ass. The reporter finds and confronts turtles, the turtle’s comedic and relaxed attitude counters the previous atmosphere of the hostage situation. April realises she knows the turtles as she has video footage of them being experimented on. Splinter the turtles master remembers April. She visits the scientists that created the turtles.

Middle: Backstory about japan that gave the scientist his inspiration. Invitation to meeting at night by turtles, she feels threatened by the turtles however splinter reassures her and tells her how they were created. We find out that the scientist has been working for shredder the entire time this is dramatic irony as April doesn’t know. The lair is compromised when April realises her phone is being tracked. This leads to a boss type like fight against shredder, splinter sacrifices himself for the turtles. Three of the turtles are kidnapped and drained for their blood however Raphael hasn’t been captured so he and April go to save them. After busting in he is confronted by shredder and has to fend him off while April releases the turtles. Shredder is already on his way to New York so they have to use a service hatch and travel through the sewer to get back. Shredder has already released the toxin and the turtles have a countdown to stop it.
End: While the turtles take the elevator to confront shredder. April goes to Sagg to take the mutagen as a contingency plan. The turtles try to take shredder on one by one and fail however when they come together they beat him and disable the toxin. April knocks out Sagg to steal the mutagen and uses it to tempt shredder and give the turtles the advantage over him. The turtles then retreat back to the sewers without anyone seeing them.


I think that a side scrolling 2.5 dimensional game would fit the film quite well, as it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The graphics would be cell shaded and the game would have cut scenes at the end of each chapter. The game would be 4 player so that each person could play a separate turtle. Each turtle would have a light, medium and heavy attack, each would be able to jump and attack in mid-air. There would be combos for example 2 light attacks and a heavy attack would cause you to start juggling the enemy. The turtles would also have 10 shrunken that they could throw in a straight line. The genre would be an action side-scroller and would consist of 5 chapters each with 10 separate levels. Throughout the game there would be both bosses and mini-bosses with the majority of the enemies you face being different types of foot soldiers. The game would block you from moving on until you have dealt with the current wave of soldiers. There would be intractable items in the world for example exploding barrels that you pick up and throw. Each turtle would have a health bar and would be able to heal with pizza found in destructible items around the level. Each chapter would be set in a different area for example the first would be the streets at night and the subway tunnel where the hostages were kept. The final boss would be shredder, who would have three different stages in the fight, getting harder each time you deplete his life the first stage he would have a long range charge and a close range slash ability. During his second phase he would then be able to throw knives and recall them like in the movie. In his final form he would take 25% more damage from attacks but also do 25% more damage, along with this he wold also have a pin that dealt damage over time. In between each of his phases there would be a wave of foot soldiers for you to fight.

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