Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Unit 4 & 5 - Task Two

Unit 4 & 5

I first started off by getting ideas for 4 different games and planning them out in depth, going though things like how I would pitch them, the story and what mechanics they involve.

The game that I have decided to take forward is the first one Demons of the Crest, I am most passionate about, have to most ideas for and have developed the furthest out of the 4. To develop it further I have created a padlet fleshing out the game a bit more, you can access this via the link below. There is also a link to some of the concept art I have done and how I want the theme of the game to come across

To do research into what people have experienced in games similar to mine i have made a survey to try to identify my target audience and see what mechanics they would want in the game. You can access this survey and the results through this link.

This primary data will help me tailor my game to what my audience wants and try to avoid the things they thing might ruin the game. For example 100% of the people that answered my survey want to be able to relocate any attribute points that they spend and 60% of people wanted to be able to use a range weapon in the game, because of this I will try to implement these things into my game.
For the secondary data I have researched a similar game Dark Souls III to find out what people liked and disliked about these games. Things that where praised about DS3 included the dark atmospheric world and the tactical combat system. Some of the criticisms that came for DS3 included the fact that towards the end of the game instead of facing interesting new enemies, it throw cheap tactics and tricks at you to try to set you back.

The main reason Demons of the Crest is being taken forward as my final game idea is that I am passionate and excited about creating it. It was the one I preferred from the very beginning, I love the idea of Big Trouble in Little China being mixed with something dark and sinister along the lines of Dark Souls or Bloodborne. I also love the boss battles in these games and wanted to see if i could make something just as challenging and rewarding. This game has a better balance between achievable and optimistic in terms of work load. The research that I have done shows that these types of games are very popular and this is cemented by the sales figures. Overall i feel this game will be the best for me to create in many different aspects of development.

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