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Fiz Presentation

Unit 3: Research Techniques for the Creative Media Industry
Assignment 3 -  Be able to Present Results of Research

Qualitative Research is when we use things like reviews or websites to help us in the design for a game. You would often look at these to see what your audience thinks of your games and how to improve on any game in the making.

Quantitative Research is all to do with figures and numerical statistics, it is a research style based around this premise. The most common figures that are included would be ratings and sales of the game, this is done both before and after the creation of a game. It is used before the game to gauge how well you think the game is going to do and is done after to see how well the game has actually done. The easiest way to do this would be by using surveys.

World of Warcraft.

Primary Data

Since World of Warcraft was originally released in 2004 there wasn't as much social media used to promote the game as there is these days. These days though there are many ways that World of Warcraft is advertised for example Twitter and Facebook. Interviews are also a way they can be promoted and in one with Mike Morhaime, president of Blizzard Entertainment he said, "We were all extremely pleased with the success of World of Warcraft on its first day of launch, once we saw the numbers for the first day, we knew that we had to immediately increase capacity to accommodate the huge numbers of players joining our game. We're glad so many people are enjoying World of Warcraft, and we are dedicated to supporting a fun and smooth game experience for everyone." This shows us how closely game companies monitor things like player figures as it can directly affect what they need to do.

Secondary data

The ratings that World of Warcraft received at released were very positive, the average score on metacritic was 93 and shares great scores across several rating sites. Within the first day, over 200,000 players created World of Warcraft accounts. By 5:00 p.m., over 100,000 were playing the game. These two number were record-breaking and made World of Warcraft the fastest-growing MMORPG in history. Within a single day, all of the original World of Warcraft servers were filled to capacity, and by the end of the weekend, more than 40 additional servers were deployed to meet the rapidly growing player base, as the number of new accounts and concurrent users continued to grow.

Borderlands 2

Primary Research

Borderlands designer Randy Pitchford, when asked about if the game would offend people he replied, "I'm talking about if a design feels outlandish. If somebody can look at something and go 'that's cool because it's wild and different', then there's value to it, and if it's not the obvious thing then that's why it's producing that result, and makes it more valuable because its rare, it's exceptional." The developers of Borderlands 2 held a social media campaign for the game on Behance, they released a new promotional image each day in the weeks running up to the games release.

Secondary Research

The game was critically acclaimed by almost all sources, averaging a score of 90 on Metacritic and a 9/10 on IGN, with a lot of the sources praising the games sense of humour, world structure and RPG systems. The game has around 30 hours of gameplay and has quite a lot of replayability. The current price for Borderlands 2 is $19.99 however the price at release was roughly $40. The game was released on September 17th 2012 and currently has roughly  7,287,019 ± 76,845 owners according to Steam.

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