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P1 Understand the use of Sound and Music in Games.

P1 Understand the use of Sound and Music in Games.

The Dark Night Rises     2:42 - 3:30

An example of a bad use of music would be the opening scene where we are introduced to Bane as the plane is being hijacked. Before the plane is even hijacked, we are bombarded by the music that is overbearing and completely drowns out any suspense that the visuals were trying to portray.

This is the game from the main menu, its choir type sound along with the digital music put in builds up to the peak. Its sole purpose is to pump you up before the game and it does this to good effect.

Music in video games is by far the best way to set the tone and mood. For example, this is music from Fallout 3, Fallout 3 is often described as “desolate” or “isolated” and “dreary” and it is shown in this score that is specifically aimed to make you feel so.

Another reason to have good music in a game is addiction. For example in the original Super Mario Bros, not as much music could be added back in those days. Due to this the music had to be repetitive and addiction in order to convince people to keep playing, however not irritating at the same time. People would then associate positive outcomes with that music, which will in turn make people more likely to keep playing.


A waveform is how we represent, the shape of a wave and how it travels. First the wave length is the distance between the peaks of the wave, the frequency of the wave is the number of waves produced by the source every second. The amplitude of the wave is how far the peak of the wave is from its undisturbed position. The Rubens tube shows a standing wave by using sound and fire.


Foley is when you use real life sound effects in films, video games and other media. These sounds can include things like rustling paper, to glass breaking.  1:24 - 1:30  2:39 - 3:15  1:49 - 2:00


Timbre is what makes two different notes sound unique and stand out. This is because every note has certain vibrations, made up of the fundamental frequency and then inner ones as well. These are harmonics or undertones. The fundamental is the frequency that all of the wave vibrate. To be able to identify the tone it needs more than three harmonics.

Psychology of sound

This is the death sound for a unit in Civ V, for this reason the sound effect symbolises death.

You can hear the in the video above the instructions that Peppy gives you, this tells the player what they need to do.

This is the sound effect for picking up a coin in Mario, I believe it symbolises happiness and success when you hear it.

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