Friday, 13 April 2018

3D Modelling and Animation

3D Modelling and Animation

You will generate ideas and specification documentation for a trailer/advert or cut-scene using
3D animation software which lasts between 20 and 30 seconds. It must match one of the
scenario briefs given and your own specifications.

Create your own brief based on the assignment scenario

Consider and interpret the brief generating and recording ideas

Develop the idea carrying out pre-production planning for that while compiling a
comprehensive development log evidencing your creative work.

Development materials include storyboards, thumbnail sketches, mood board, legal and
constraints. You can use concept art from Unit 69: Drawing Concept Art for Computer Games

Create an animation in Autodesk Maya which lasts at least 30 seconds based on your idea
developed in Task 1.

You must also log your process using for example, asset management, working environment,
tools, animation technique and virtual camera.

Review your own 3D animation production work.

For this task we are going to have to plan out and create an animation for either our game or based around the Pixar short Luxo Jr, these animations will have to be at least 30 seconds long and be made in Maya. To help with idea generation I will be creating storyboards that outline the ideas of my animation, I may deviate from these ideas when it comes to production. I will first attempt the production of a trailer for my game however if this turns out to bee too challenging I shall create the Luxo Jr inspired version.
Main Storyboard

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